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OHS – Information for Students of full-time and part-time studies

To pass the OHS course, all first-year students and those readmissed to studies with an OHS as a programme difference are obliged to complete the test in the Eportal system (https://eportal.ue.wroc.pl/my/)

In order to do this, please log in to the Eportal system according to the instructions

Dear Students!

This internet service was designed for you. It shows you the information entered into the main USOS system by administrative staff.

USOSweb is made of modules. Not all of these modules are used at their full capacities, at the moment. Additionally, a large part of functions and informations is accessible only for users who have logged in. Every student and teacher should have an id and password of his/her own. You can get more information about USOSweb accounts and possible problems using the LOG IN link in the upper left part of the window.

In case of technical problems, please contact with yours Students office.


If you want to get access to USOSweb, you should log in. Please click Log in in the upper right corner. When CAS will appear, You should fill the username (number of your student book) and password (the same as the university mailbox). Then click LOGIN.


In the 4.55-5.15, 10.55-11.15 and 15.55-16.15 UsosWeb service is unavailable due to data migration.

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